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The Caribbean Sail is an 8-bit adventure about corssing the Atlantic, inspired by the Oregon Trail.

Be the Captain of your own ship in the 1700's and make decisions that will determine your fate. Control everything from food rationing to amputating limbs. Sail for the British Navy or rebel and become a pirate. The lives of your crew are in your gout ridden hands.

Each vessel matches the speed of it's real life counterpart which will give you an accurate depiction of how difficult and tedious a journey across the ocean was in the age of sail. You could enjoy a casual experience on a Frigate as you fly across the waves and decimate pirates in a War Galleon like a rich ponce- or -Suffer a HARDCORE challenge on the Raft and struggle to feed your men daily while your vessel crawls along so slowly you'll BEG the wind to pick up.

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TCS Launcher.exe 2 MB

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- It stores them in two places: install disc>users>(you)>AppData (Which may be a hidden folder so you might have to "search" the next one) local>Caribbean_Sail_AG - and the other location is: AppData>roaming>The_Caribbean_Sail_Launcher - it will always install over the previous version to not waste space :)

- Buying outside of Steam is choosing DRM free and i've seen plenty of people sell keys after downloading them so I can't offer them to everyone who buys off steam- if you want a key email: ContactClambake@gmail.com and I'll happily give you one.  As for the updates, I guarantee you'll get them alongside the Steam updates. I want everyone to enjoy :)

Glad you enjoy it! I can't wait to show off the new content when it's ready

Thanks for the reply! I found where the files are. I also understand your concern, and assure you I'd activate the key as soon as I get it. No hurry though, I'd rather play some more and wait for updates before eventually diving into the game on Steam, then I'll be glad to ask ;)

Hello, I have two questions:

- Where does the game store the data files downloaded by the launcher?

- No chance for us Itch buyers to also get a Steam key of the game? Beside obvious features that can be only on Steam like achievements, will we be able to still count on future updates?

Anyway, the game is already fun to play in its little window, letting it go until something happens, and I look forward to the planned features. I also love the quadrichromatic pixel art.