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The Caribbean Sail

An 8-bit adventure about crossing the Atlantic in the 1700s · By Victorian Clambake


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V1.7.1.1 - Two important fixes
Ahoy lads! My lovely game has been cursed with inconsistent framerate issues which randomly pop by and I think that I have finally fixed the issue once and for...
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Fantasy Toggle - Expansion Complete!
After a year and six months of work, the Fantasy Toggle expansion has been added for FREE! Ahoy lads! For those of you who have been following developme...
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The massive Route Planning expansion is finally complete and has been added for FREE
After four months of blood, sweat, soylent, and sleep deprived tears; I've completed the first free expansion for The Cairbbean Sail. Feature Log In all that ti...
The Caribbean Sail - Now on Steam!
This is it! This is the day that I took my little game onto the worlds largest game retailer, Steam! Getting through Greenlight was the absolute worst part, but...
The Caribbean Sail coming to Steam Septemeber 19th!
Prepare your wallet to be boarded! The Caribbean Sail is coming to Steam on September 19th! This...
Feast your eyes on this massive update as I continue preparing for the Steam release now planned for September 19th. If you felt like "Experience" wasn't reward...
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Ahoy there! The latest version of The Caribbean Sail has been pushed, you can find out all the details on updates here: The C...
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